‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Who Allegedly Killed Landlord Died Accidentally, Coroner Says

Lab report showed that Johnny Lewis had no drugs in his system at time of violent spree

Johnny Lewis, the former "Sons of Anarchy" star who died at age 28 after allegedly killing his landlord in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, died accidentally after stumbling while leaping from a terrace in an attempt to flee the scene, according to a report released by the Los Angeles County coroner's office Thursday.

 "[I]t appears that the decedent jumped over a wrought iron railing at the top of the terrace to drop to the driveway below during his attempt to flee the location," the report reads. "During this jump the decedent lost his balance and landed on the concrete driveway head first."

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The report notes that the drop from the terrace to the driveway is 15 feet.

 "The decedent‘s momentum caused him to slide across the driveway where he came to rest along the outside edge of the driveway," the report adds.

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The coroner's report deems it unlikely that Lewis, who played Kip "Half Sack" Epps on the series, intentionally jumped to his death. It also notes no evidence of interference from a second party.

"Decedent died of a fall. We do not have definitive evidence that the decedent intended to kill himself," the report says. "We also do not at this time have any evidence that he was pushed. Therefore, the manner of death is accidental.

Though Lewis had reportedly been in rehab shortly before his death, the report notes that Lewis' lab report was negative for alcohol, and that barbituates, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates and other drugs were not detected in his system.

Lewis allegedly killed his 81-year-old landlord, Catherine Davis, before falling to his death. The actor, who left the FX biker drama "Sons of Anarchy" after the 2009 season, also injured his neighbor and a man who the neighbor had hired to paint his house during the rampage.