Stephen Colbert Announces ‘Serious, Classy’ Republican Debate (Video)

Stay classy, South Carolina

Last Updated: December 7, 2011 @ 8:41 AM

Back off, Donald Trump: Stephen Colbert is here to restore dignity to the Republican presidential race. 

Responding to The Donald's plans to moderate a Dec. 27 Republican debate in Iowa, the "Colbert Report" host says he will hold his own "South Carolina Serious, Classy Republican Debate" in January.

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The debate will trump Trump's by being much classier, Colbert says. Everyone will arrive in limos that will be taken away by helicopter. Men will wear tuxes and Michele Bachmann a fur hat — "sable, only the best."

Colbert says the debate will air next month on Animal Planet, and — oh no. Is he possibly not serious about this? Watch the video. (We'd embed, but it isn't working.)