Stephen Colbert Endorses ‘Banana Bunker': ‘Pays for Itself In Only 64 Bananas’

Takes a break from political satire to endorse something he truly believes in: A plastic casing for bananas

Steven Colbert doesn't do endorsements often, so when he does, you know he really believes in the product.

On Monday's "Colbert Report," he came out in support of "the Banana Bunker" — a real product — that consists of a hard plastic casing for bananas. You can see why such a casing is essential, since bananas have no natural protective coating, such as a peel.

How much is the banana bunker, you ask? Sixteen dollars, including shipping and handling.

"Yeah, it's pricey," Colbert said. "But it'll save you the time and humiliation of cutting of the bruised part, or buying another banana for 25 cents. Which means the banana bunker pays for itself in only 64 bananas."

Watch the video:

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