Tracy Morgan to Star in FX War-Vet Comedy Pilot ‘Death Pact’

The "30 Rock" alum will play a pot-smoking assistant coach-turned-war hero/philosopher

Tracy Morgan has lined up something to keep himself busy with after saying goodbye to "30 Rock."

Morgan will star in the upcoming FX comedy pilot "Death Pact," the network's executive vice president of original development and programming Nick Grad said Thursday.

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The pilot, which is being executive produced and written by co-creators Rob Long ("Cheers") and Tad Safran ("The Long Weekend"), stars Morgan as a formerly lazy, pot-dealing assistant high school coach who returns to his hometown as a decorated war hero. He runs across three down-on-their-luck friends and former students and sucks them into his new radical self-help philosophy, which involves harsh consequences for failure.

Eric and Kim Tannenbaum are also executive producing.

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"Needless to say anything starring Tracy Morgan could be off-the-charts hilarious and we’re betting this one is," Grad said. "Rob Long, Tad Safran, Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum have delivered a terrific starring vehicle for Tracy … This is going to be fun."

Three other co-stars are yet to be cast.

The half-hour pilot will film this summer in either New York or New Jersey.