Watch ‘The Wire: The Musical’ (Video)

Much of the original cast returns to condense the urban epic into a few catchy tunes for Funny or Die

Wait, so chess is a metaphor for drug deals? It makes so much more sense when you put it into song.

Much of the cast of HBO's urban epic "The Wire" has reunited for one of the best things Funny or Die has ever done: "The Wire: The Musical" condenses five seasons of complex storylines into a few catchy tunes. David Simon's masterpiece has never been so easy to follow. There may be more exposition in this short video than in the show's entire run on HBO.

Michael Kenneth Williams is back as Omar, along with such other "Wire" luminaries as Sonja Sohn, Larry Gillard Jr., Andre Royo and Felicia "Snoop" Pearson. Did you D'Angelo Barksdale (Gilliard) has a lovely singing voice? And that Bubs (Royo) can dance as well as steal copper?

But we're not sure about the new guy playing Stringer Bell.

Watch the video: