Woman Wins a Million Bucks on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ (Video)

Autumn Erhard was only the second contestant to do so in the show's 30-year history

Apparently getting the "fortune" in "Wheel of Fortune" is possible. 

Autumn Erhard walked away with $1 million on Thursday's show — making her only the second contestant to do so in "Wheel's" 30-year history. But Erhard had to work for it — and we're not just talking about having to hold Pat Sajak's hand.

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This is all the help that Erhard had in the final puzzle:

T _ _ G _

_ _ R _ _ _ T


Can you guess it? Well, Erhard got it right away, and when Vanna White opened the envelope revealing her winnings, all hell broke loose with Erhard's mother, father and fiancé piling onto her on stage.

"It just popped into my head, I have no idea," Erhard told Sajak afterwards when he asked how she came up with the correct answer.

Here are the steps needed to accomplish this rare feat: courtesy of Gawker:

>> Land on the Million Dollar wedge during the game (there are 24 wedges on the wheel that get replaced every round, and each player spins the wheel about 24 times throughout the game).

>> Be the one who solves the puzzle after picking up the wedge.

>> Never land on the BANKRUPT wedge thereafter.

>> Win the game, obviously (the wedge is meaningless without the win).

>> Land on the Million Dollar wedge again during the Bonus Round (there are 24 wedge slots on the bonus wheel).

>> Solve the Bonus Round puzzle in under 10 seconds.

We bet the fiancé is pretty comfortable with his proposal decision right about now.

Here's the million-dollar moment — and the puzzle solution: