Yahoo Announces Slate of Web Shows Starring Morgan Spurlock, Judy Greer, Niecy Nash

Move comes as the portal stresses more streaming, original programming

Yahoo announced a revamped portal for video and shows Tuesday, as well as its first full slate of online web series, featuring Morgan Spurlock, Niecy Nash and Judy Greer, among others.

Yahoo Screen is meant to improve on Yahoo Video, the company’s existing video site. It will feature original programming, aggregated content, personalization technologies, and curation.

It will also feature such Yahoo shows as “Primetime in No Time,” “The Thread” and “The Daily Ticker" and include Yahoo's library of video from such outside sources as Hulu, CBS,  Howcast, Turner Sports and UFC.

“As the premier digital media company, we are at the forefront of online video programming and are continuing to build our leadership position,” said Mickie Rosen, senior vice president of Yahoo! Media Network. “This is next generation television, available anytime, anywhere, with something for everyone.”

The announcement comes as Yahoo places more empasis on streaming video and original content. In August, it had all of the top ten most-watched web shows. The move also arrives a day after the web giant announced a partnership with ABC News that will bring their combined unique monthly viewers to roughly 100 million a month, 25 million more than their nearest news competitor.

Seven of the new shows are live now, with new episodes arriving on Monday. The other, Morgan Spurlock's "Failure Club," will premiere on Yahoo! in November. The show from the "Super-Size Me" and "30 Days" creator will focus on the fear of failure.

Judy Greer ("The Descendants," "Arrested Development") will host a health show, while Niecy Nash ("Reno 911," "Dancing with the Stars") will cover relationships. Cameron Mathison ("All My Children," "Dancing with the Stars") will host a show dedicated to marriage proposals.

Here are Yahoo's descriptions of the new shows:

"Reluctantly Healthy"
Host: Judy Greer
Description: It’s easy to live healthy at home, in the comforts of your own kitchen, with your trusty treadmill in the next room. But what about those who are always on the go, working long hours and traveling?  Like actress Greer ("The Descendants," "Arrested Development"). In this funny and informative series, Judy’s very own health and fitness dream team – trainer Tanja Djelevic, chef Jared Sokoloff and nutritionist Carey Peters — teach her and the audience how to live healthy on the go.  (Electus/ Principato-Young Entertainment)

"Let’s Talk About Love"
Host: Niecy Nash
Description: Comedienne Nash ("Reno 911," "Dancing With the Stars") hosts this weekly relationship show, which uniquely and positively examines a different love, sex or relationship topic in each episode. From tackling “why girls like bad boys” with a collection of her friends at the local spa, to offering love advice on an L.A. street corner, to confronting the crowd at a barbershop about “why men cheat,” the common thread is each episode will offer fantastic advice, Niecy’s trademark energy, and a ton of laughs. (Electus/ Principato-Young Entertainment)

"The Failure Club"
Host: Morgan Spurlock
Description: A documentary series about embracing the fear of failure in order to change your life. There are too many things we never try simply because we're too afraid to fail. But what if you could remove that fear from your life?  Meeting each week for the course of a year, seven different people will come together to do whatever is in their power to help each other try to achieve the things they've only dreamed of. From the mother who always wanted to start a restaurant to the banker who always wanted to do stand-up comedy to the young athlete who never got his shot at the pros. Each member of the Failure Club will try and some will fail, but the journey will change them forever. (Warrior Poets)

"Your Friends Will Never Believe You"
Host: Ryan Rottman
Description: Rottman (Nickelodeon’s "Gigantic"), Tanner Beard and their celebrity friends invade America in unbelievable ways. Only they really do happen. There are legendary stories of Bill Murray randomly interacting with someone – usually taking something from them – and then parting with the words “no one will believe you.”  This is the 21st century version, where those brief moments of random celebrity interaction, always followed with the line “your friends will never believe you,” are captured by hidden cameras. But what’s even more fun is watching the target try to convince their friends what just happened. (Electus/Principato-Young Entertainment)

"Ultimate Proposal"
Host: Cameron Mathison
Description: A team of experts help men deliver the proposal of a lifetime. We’re not talking mundane ring in the Champagne glass theatrics here either. Whether having our groom arrive via parachute, staging an art show, choreographing an intricate dance routine, or having a pop star serenade the bride to be, our team is all about creating a truly amazing event, complete with theatrics, fanfare, heart and, of course the most important element: a “YES” (FishBowl Worldwide Media)

"omg! NOW"
Host: Kristen Aldridge
Description: omg! NOW is one of the most watched video programs online, covering the latest entertainment news and happenings in the Celebrisphere. Hosted by Kristen Aldridge, this daily program captures the biggest news in entertainment the minute it happens. From the newest movies to the coolest styles, to the latest break-ups, this fast-paced program gives you everything you need to know about Hollywood in less than two minutes flat.  (Yahoo! Studios)

"Blue Ribbon Hunter"
Host: Allison Fishman
Description: Part food show, part travelogue, offering the Yahoo! audience a weekly combination of local flavor and cooking instruction as we travel to one-of-a-kind culinary food festivals across America. You’ll watch our host/chef Allison Fishman engage with locals and other chefs, discover unique recipes, and even enter the competitions too. You’ll meet “the best of the best” and in an effort to take home the blue ribbon!  (Prime Content)

Host: Fabio Viviani
Description: A cooking program where celebrity chef host Viviani ("Top Chef" season 5, restaurateur, cookbook author) brings ease and entertainment to Italian cuisine. Fabio presents back-to-basics tips and recipes to create delicious Italian meals. He uses fresh ingredients to prepare easy-to-follow recipes, simple comfort food dishes, and flavorful Italian meals in 15 minutes.  From the Emmy Award-winning producer of “Everyday Italian with Giada De Laurentiis,” this weekly show gives viewers a chance to recreate professional Italian recipes in their own kitchens. (Yahoo! Studios)