‘Big Brother’s’ Saboteur Twist Implodes — Overnight

Annie is revealed to be the Saboteur in the first week and kicked out of the house — but will she be back?

In two weeks' time, the Have-Not room is back and better than ever, the maggots adding a nice touch.

We have a showmance of Rachel and Brendon to which many viewers are responding, “Ewww” in contrast with last year’s successful romance of Jeff and Jordan that has many fans still in “Awww.”

Annie Saboteur Big BrotherWe have an alliance, The Brigade, consisting of Hayden (Animal), Matt (Brains), Lane (Beast), and Enzo (Meow, Meow), the latter responsible for forming this four-man mafia. He’s serious about this, while Lane is still trying to figure out what a brigade is.

The mean girls, Britney and Monet, are hurling insults behind the backs of many.

Finally, with a myriad of others flying so low under the radar that they’re almost invisible, the drama has been provided solely by Annie.

Aligning herself with the couple on the block, Rachel and Brendon, proved unwise as Annie  was put up as the replacement nominee when Brendon won the POV competition and subsequently took himself off. Angry, she lashed out at anyone within earshot, stomped through the house declaring she was going home, blamed Britney and confronted Brendon.

Once calm, Annie apologized to Brendon and began her relentless campaign to stay in the house. There was no escaping Annie or her logical argument to get out the strongly aligned couple, but the houseguests sure did try. She worked that house and pleaded her case, but it was obvious that her attempts to persuade were ignored. Everyone tuned her out.

During this time, the Saboteur (Jigsaw) was very active: causing blackouts, defacing photos on the memory wall, delivering misleading messages that led nowhere, hiding a device that beeped incessantly, and avoiding detection while simultaneously campaigning for votes.

Annie, you sneaky little devil, you fooled us! Kudos to the actress. I never suspected her and, according to the CBS poll, many of the viewing public didn’t either, opting for Kathy as the sabotage suspect.

Annie’s reveal highlighted how she accomplished her dirty deeds, but it was quickly forgotten as we moved on to her nomination speech in which she made a last-ditch effort to save herself; all to no avail. Having been on the block the first week myself, I know by the time houseguests have sat on the couches, the person they want evicted is already decided. A speech delivered, however eloquently, rarely saves you. Annie made valid points to vote Rachel out over her. Unfortunately for Annie, her fate had been predetermined.

By a landslide vote of 10 to 0, the twist was voted out of the house in the first week! First week! Epic twist fail, but Annie won us over in her exit interview. She was witty, light-hearted, and found Rachel’s goodbye message about “her man” laughable, replying that Brendon was sloppy seconds. Setting the stage for a possible return, Annie left with the message, “They gotta watch their backs, I’m not gone yet.” Could she be coming back? And this time playing to win?

With Annie gone, Rachel catapulted off the block and into the HOH room. The smart move would be to go after The Brigade, but it seems her sights are set on the Mean Girls, Britney & Monet.

Here’s a little taste of Britney’s bite in her goodbye message to Annie, “As a friend I’m gonna let you know that those ill-fitting flats have got to go, and it might be a good idea to toss the silver eye shadow while you’re at it.” Ouch! Let this week’s cat fights begin.