‘Doctor Who': Aren’t We All Fairy Tales?

More hints about the mystery of Amy Pond in this week’s two-parter

Who would have thought that the creepy Weeping Angels weren’t the most important thing in this weeks concluding two-part “Doctor Who” episode?

Instead, as we follow the Doctor and friends through the wreck of the spaceship Byzantium while trying to evade a horde of killer stone statutes we find that the real danger is something even the Angels fear: The Crack in the Wall. 

The Cracks, as they are called, have been appearing all over the place this Series and the Doctor is as yet unaware of exactly what is causing them. They are huge Time Fields, cracks in time and space and the big one on the Byzantium exudes “the fire from the end of the Universe.” If it envelops you, it will erase all of your timeline as though you never existed. 

This has been a large part of the series' overall story arc and is also connected to the repeated warning that “The Pandorica will open and silence will fall.” The Doctor deems this warning to be a fairy tale, to which astute archaeologist River Song replies: “Aren’t we all.”

The episode reveals more hints about the mystery of Amy Pond, her missing memory of the Daleks, the duck pond, and the Doctor’s growing realization that Amy is more involved and related to the Cracks than he may have previously thought.

This episode will surely be controversial in a few respects. The Weeping Angels, while creepy, were not as all-powerful as we thought. River Song drops many hints about her future, revealing that she did indeed kill a man. Perhaps the most controversial of all is the final scene in which Amy asks the Doctor to take her home, only so she can (with hilarious results) seduce the Doctor.

Oh, and there may just be more than one Doctor running about. Time, it seems, can be rewritten and unwritten. I do so like fairy tales.

Best Quotes:

Doctor: “River Song, I could bloody kiss you!”

River Song: “Maybe when you’re older.”

Best Parts: What if time could run out?

Amy deciding to jump the Doctor’s bones, and even better, the fact that it took him so long to catch on to it.

Father Octavian (Ian Glen), we wish we could’ve known you better.

Worst Parts: 

The Weeping Angels weren’t quite as scary as they were in “Blink.”

My Rating: Really good … I give it a 4 out 5.