’30 Rock’ Preview: Jenna Becomes a Reality Show Judge (Video)

Meaner than old school Simon Cowell, Jenna trashes a kiddie contestant on the show-within-the-show "Kidz Got Singing"

Need someone unafraid to crush the dreams of even the most pint-sized singing competition contestant? Self-involved "30 Rock" character Jenna Maroney is just the woman for the job.

In the sixth season of "30 Rock" — which premieres Jan. 12 — Jenna (Jane Krakowski) becomes a judge on the singing competition "Kidz Got Singing" and goes all Simon Cowell (the fun, "American Idol"-version Cowell) on a little girl named Liddy.

"Even if you could sing, with that face, it would be like eating a steak that just came out of a dumpster," Jenna tells the bespectacled wannabe.

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Check out the video clip below to catch Jenna's reality judge catchphrase and see the sports legend who makes his third "30 Rock" appearance, this time as Jenna's fellow judge: