A&E Orders ‘Southie Rules’ Reality Series

The new show will focus on one family dealing with the gentrification of its South Boston neighborhood

The network behind "Storage Wars" is bringing another reality show battle to its airwaves, as A&E has ordered "Southie Rules," about members of a South Boston family who stubbornly eschew the Starbucks and sushi restaurants that continue to pop up in their gentrified neighborhood.

"Southie Rules," which will begin production immediately, will revolve around a South Boston family in which multiple generations live in one three-story house. The 3.3-square-mile South Boston neighborhood has been portrayed in movies like "Gone Baby Gone," "Mystic River" and "What Doesn’t Kill You" and is the hometown of celebs like Mark and Donnie Wahlberg.

Mom Camille and dad Walter are divorced, but they still live together (and sleep in the same bed) on the top floor of the triple-decker house. Walter is still in love with Camille, but she continues to date other men.

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The couple's son Matty lives on the middle floor with Jen, the mother of his nine-month-old child, and drama sparks from the ongoing question of whether or not they'll get married.

Camille and Walter's oldest daughter, Leah, lives with her husband and two-year-old child on the house's ground floor.

"Despite their family differences, they rally together for their daily turf war against the yuppies that are overrunning their territory," a network release describes. "These 'Southies' will stop at nothing to protect their way of life from the occupation, that is, if they don't kill each other first."

"Southie Rules" is produced by Powderhouse Productions and Magilla Entertainment for A&E. Executive producers for Powderhouse Productions are Seanbaker Carter, Joel Olicker and Tug Yourgrau. Executive producers for Magilla Entertainment are Brian Flanagan, Matt Ostrom and Laura Palumbo Johnson. David McKillop, Elaine Frontain Bryant, Drew Tappon and Fred Grinstein serve as executive producers for A&E.

Meanwhile, TLC is producing another South Boston-set reality series — "Southie Pride" — that's produced by 495 Productions, the company behind "Jersey Shore."

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