Anderson Cooper Defends Kim Kardashian’s ‘Bunjamins’

The CNN host gets to the bottom of the reality star’s butt-cheek controversy

On Monday's edition of "360," Anderson Cooper finally addressed the topic on everyone's minds: Kim Kardashian's rear end.

The CNN host used his regular segment "The RidicuList" to add into its ever-growing ranks of irrational folks those Kardashian haters who have dared to question the authenticity of the E! reality star's generous behind.

"For a while now," said Cooper in mock seriousness, "I've had this unsettling feeling that something was off, like the universe was slightly out of whack, something was missing. I couldn't really pinpoint the feeling.

"And then it hit me: Nobody has really been saying much about Kim Kardashian's butt lately."

He then showed clips from Sunday's episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" during which Kim discusses the haters who claim her famous rear end isn't real and subjects herself to a butt X-ray to gauge the veracity of her ample heinie.

"I am so glad that I did this X-ray," said Kardashian after the doctor announced that her bottom was "all Kim."

"I think I speak for the whole world when I say, 'We are so glad too, Kim," concluded Cooper.