‘Army Wives’ Season 6 Premiere: A Game-Changing Hurricane (Video)

The "Army Wives" and their spouses were ready to pack up and leave their friendships behind, but a weather tragedy leads to a reprieve

("Army Wives" spoiler warning: Don't read if you still plan to watch last night's episodes, titled "Winds of War" and "Perchance of Dream.")

The Army Wives premiere -- a game changing hurricaneClaudia Joy, Roxy, Pamela, Denise and their fellow Fort Marshall friends were ready to bid each other farewell in Sunday's "Army Wives" season six premiere, but the decommissioned base was granted a reprieve after a devastating hurricane damaged nearby Fort Hope.

With Fort Hope destroyed beyond the point it can still operate — and with Major Gen. Holden (Brian McNamara) and his troops proving their skill in keeping Fort Marshall running throughout the vicious storm — Army officials decided to keep Fort Marshall open, and to expand it to play home to the 32nd Airborne Division and the 17th Airborne Corps Headquarters.

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The friends, who had just celebrated Molly's first birthday as they planned to be separated from each other, will remain neighbors on the base, but with new faces and cramped quarters among the fallout of the hurricane, there's still plenty of drama ahead.

Check out a video preview of the next new "Army Wives" episode, "The Best of Friends":