‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Finale: Donald Trump Picks John Rich

Marlee Matlin denied as the country-music star impresses the Donald | VIDEO

Country music favorite John Rich outperformed fellow finalist Marlee Matlin to be named this season's "Celebrity Apprentice" winner Sunday night.

The finale involved finishing the task of shooting a retro ad campaign for 7-Up. While Matlin's leadership was faultless — apart from giving assistant Meatloaf too much creative control — the commercial she produced is literally one of the worst things ever created (see second video below).

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Trump admired Rich's ability to overcome some difficulties at his presentation to 7-Up execs, including his decision to strap on a guitar to perform his own music after he mistakenly introduced Def Leppard, the band he'd hired, 20 minutes too early.

Rich is the second straight musician to win $250,000 for charity, following Bret Michaels in 2010. Joan Rivers won in 2009 and CNN host Piers Morgan claimed the first installment of the "Apprentice" spin-off back in 2008. All three of the former winners turned up on Sunday's season finale.

The NBC show returns in January 2012, as will Donald Trump, who dropped his presidential bid at last week's upfront.