‘Celebrity Apprentice': Who Did the Donald Fire First? (Video)

And did the women or men's team whip up a tastier sandwich in the season premiere's challenge?

(Spoiler warning: Don't read if you still plan to watch last night's season premiere of "The Celebrity Apprentice.")

It was female celebs vs. male celebs to make the tastier sandwiches, and more importantly, get their cash-totin' friends to pony up the most cash for the sammies in the fifth season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice" Sunday.

And, to borrow a phrase from another NBC show, the biggest loser wasn't the celeb who raised the least dough; it was the celeb who made the least noise.

In a not-at-all subtle bit of foreshadowing, most of supermodel Cheryl Tiegs' "Apprentice" teammates commented on how low-key and quiet she was throughout their challenge.

Cut to the boardroom ending of the premiere, and when Donald Trump forced female project manager, model Patricia Velasquez, to choose one of her teammates to get the boot, the low-key Tiegs became the first celeb to be ousted.

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Next up: In the "Getting Medieval" episode, the celebs head off to Medieval Times, where Dee Snider dons his Twisted Sister wig to dress in drag.

Check out a video clip to see Trump say "You're fired!" for the first time in the fifth season of "Celebrity Apprentice":