Charlie Sheen Roast Draws Record-Setting 6.4M Viewers

Roast is most-watched ever on network

Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen roast drew 6.4 million viewers Monday — far short of the 27.7 million who tuned in to the revamped "Two and a Half Men" on CBS, but enough to make the roast the highest-rated, most-watched ever on the network.

The "Roast of Charlie Sheen," airing at 10 p.m., half an hour after "Men" concluded, was the most-watched telecast in Comedy Central history among 18-to-49-year-old viewers. It had a 4.5 rating in the demo.

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It also had 10 million total viewers, including re-airings. The network said there was 249,000 tweets around the time of the roast and more than 118,000 during the hourlong show — more than six times as many as during the network's Donald Trump roast.

As well as it performed, there was never any chance of Sheen's roast coming close to the numbers for "Men," which is the top-rated sitcom on television and aired on the most-watched network. Countless viewers tuned in to see how Ashton Kutcher's character would be introduced, including Sheen himself. He watched Kutcher's debut before switching to Comedy Central to watch himself.

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The ninth-season premiere of "Men" drew a 10.3 rating/24 share in the demo, and was easily the most-viewed episode in the show's history. It was also the highest-rated show on television since the Feb. 27 Academy Awards, which had an 11.7 rating and 37.6 million total viewers.