Comedy Central Axes ‘Sports Show With Norm Macdonald,’ ‘The Onion SportsDome’

Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ funny man and satirical athletics show are both shown the door after one season each

It seems it's not such a sporting life at Comedy Central after all.

The network confirmed to TheWrap that it has canceled "Sports Show With Norm Macdonald" and "Onion SportsDome."

"SportsDome," based on "The Onion Sports Network" by satirical newspaper The Onion, debuted in January and wrapped its first season in mid-March.

"Sports Show," featuring former "Saturday Night Live" comedian Norm Macdonald, made its bow in April and completed its maiden season last week.

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Both series offered smart-alecky takes on the week's goings-on in the sports world.

Macdonald, who claimed to on Monday that he hadn't officially been informed of the cancellation, but noted that he might launch an online petition to revive his series. Macdonald (jokingly?) hinted of an "internet campaign to save the show, ,almost like they do with shows about witches and vampires and aliens from outer space."