Best ’30 Rock’ Quote Ever: ‘Smooth Move, Ferguson!’

A throwaway line upstages the rest of cast — even guest star Condoleezza Rice

The no-brainer promotional hook going into Thursday night's episode of "30 Rock" was that Condoleezza Rice would be making a cameo appearance.

But while the former Secretary of State demonstrated some solid acting chops during a short sequence in which she sparred with (fake) former beau Jack Donaghy, Condi was still upstaged by this hilarious line: "Smooth move, Ferguson!"

That should-be national catchphrase took center stage in the B-storyline in which Tracy Jordan chews out his entourage — Kenneth, Grizz and Dot Com — for having an inside joke that he's not part of.

What's great about the otherwise throw-away line is that it is easily applicable to everyday life. Anytime someone messes up — e.g., misses a right turn or steps into a puddle — you can now wring comedic gold out of it with a well-timed "Smooth move, Ferguson."

Note: This will be even funnier if the klutz is actually named Ferguson.

Anyway, check out the Condi-filled episode below.