Discovery’s ‘Naked Castaway’ Sneak Peek: It’s ‘Man Vs. Wild’ in the Buff (Exclusive Video)

A former British Army captain attempts to survive 60 days on a deserted island without food, water, tools or clothing

CW’s “Arrow” fans, if the flashbacks to Oliver’s transformative time alone on a deserted island leaves you wondering what he must’ve gone through, Discovery’s new unscripted series, “Naked Castaway,” may have some answers for you.

What could leave a man changed for life? That’s what former British Army captain (and the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon river) Ed Stafford seeks to answer on “Naked Castaway.”

And TheWrap has an exclusive first look at the series from executive producer Steve Rankin (“Man Vs. Wild”) and Tigress productions.

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With no food, no water, no tools and no other humans around, Stafford has accepted the challenge of surviving for 60 days on an uninhabited island in Fiji. And, yes, he starts this adventure in his birthday suit.

While facing hunger, dehydration, sweltering heat and loneliness, Stafford will be filming all the action himself. Plus, he’s nude.

Will he be able to last the 60 days?

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Watch our exclusive preview below (and be warned, we did mention he’s naked)

"Naked Castaway" premieres Sunday night at 10/9c on Discovery.