Donald Trump Declares His Net Worth is More Than $2.7 Billion

Potential presidential candidate makes a vague but boastful claim about his financial records

Now that he’s moving closer and closer to a promised (threatened?) 2012 presidential campaign, Donald Trump has finally gotten around to revealing how much he’s worth. Sort of.

Trump, who’s criticized President Barack Obama as being less than forthcoming about his background, called in to Eliot Spitzer’s CNN show “In the Arena” on Friday. Among the topics? The Donald’s net worth. Surprise! He’s worth several large boatloads of cash.

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Prodded by Spitzer to reveal on the spot just how much money he has, Trump hedged, but made sure to let everyone know that he’s really, really rolling in it.

Saying that he plans to “save” the official statement on his personal finances, Trump went on to say, “ I can tell you this — my net worth according to ‘Forbes’ is 2.7 billion. I will tell you this: it is substantially in excess of that. When I say substantially, I mean much, much, more.”

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The real-estate mogul-turned-reality TV personality also weighed in on how he would handle China if he were currently the nation’s chief executive. Namely, he’d impose massive tariffs on their exports – and because of his charm and superior negotiating skills, they’d totally accept it!

“I made a lot of money dealing with the Chinese. I did very – I do very good deals. I’ve had great success with the Chinese,” Trump said. “When they believe that you mean you’re gonna put anywhere from a 25 to a 40 percent tax on, because of their manipulation of their currency, you know what’s gonna happen Eliot? They’re gonna start lifting – in fact they already have.”