Egypt Wants Oprah to Broadcast From Tahrir Square

Rumors fly in Cairo, but Harpo Productions denies they have plans to broadcast there

Rumors have been swirling in Egypt that Oprah may broadcast her show from Tahrir Square, after an online campaign was launched to lure the daytime Queen to Cairo.

Egypt's new tourism minister told the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper that Winfrey had accepted the invitation.

But Harpo Productions is denying that Oprah has any plans to broadcast from Tahrir Square, the center of last month's Egyptian revolution.

"It was a rumor that was causing a great deal of excitement here," Nima Balgir, a CNN correspondent, reported on Friday from Cairo. "It would be a validation of the dignity and respect of how they carried out their uprising."

Oprah's show is carried in more than 150 countries, including Egypt. The talk show host is "incredibly popular throughout the region," Balgir said.

"For a lot of people Oprah represents a certain perspective of the West and America," Balgir added. "If she came here, perhaps, America would be sending a statement to them that 'We don't view you as these head-scarved, militant Muslims.'"