Gordon Ramsay’s Gross Advice for Your Next Romantic Weekend

Don't take the honeymoon suite

Gordon Ramsay has some helpful — and icky — advice for your next romantic weekend getaway.

The celebrity chef and hotelier shared his tips for how to get a quality, reasonably priced hotel room at a Television Critics Association panel about his new Fox series, "Hotel Hell." On the show, he travels the country exposing awful hotels.

"If they offer you the honeymoon suite, don't take it," he told a roomful of TV writers, giving them a few seconds to think about why.

He explained that he's taken a blacklight to a few honeymoon suites, and, well.

"I didn't think it could shoot that far," he said.

Ramsay let the room think for a moment about what he meant by "it."

"Ew," said the room.

"I didn't finish," Ramsay clarified. "I'm talking about if you shake a can of Coke and open it."

No, he wasn't.

The TCA summer press tour is taking place at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. So one of the reporters asked Ramsay what he thinks of the hotel.

"You trying to get me in the shit?" he asked. "That's a shit question."