Guys on ‘Girls’ Tease Season 2: New Girlfriends, Lots of Cocaine (Video)

Adam Driver, Alex Karpovsky, Christopher Abbott and Andrew Rannells join Lena Dunham for a beer to talk about their characters

The trailer for season 2 of HBO's "Girls" showed that it's not just the leading ladies who are looking for love. The guys are, too.

Lena Dunham joined Adam Driver (Adam), Alex Karpovsky (Ray), Christopher Abbott (Charlie) and Andrew Rannells (Elijah) for a beer to discuss their futures on th ecriticallyacclaimed comedy.

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It sounds like Ray will be showing his softer side as he continues romancing Shoshanno, the girl he deflowered last season, while Adam will recover from his split with Hannah by finding himself a rebound.

Elijah, on the other hand, will be helping Hannah drown her sorrows with "lots of cocaine" when the series returns Jan. 13.

Watch the video: