Despite Harry Crane ‘S**t Storm,’ More of ‘Mad Men’ a Safe Bet

Actor Rich Sommer later backtracks and tells fans to expect a fifth season

Looks like Harry Crane stepped in it.

Rich Sommer, the actor who plays the bespectacled ad executive on "Mad Men," suggested via Twitter that the AMC drama might not return for a fifth season.

"GUYS. I have no idea if there will be a season 5 of MM. I am operating under the assumption that there won't be, until I hear otherwise," Sommer tweeted.

But with "Mad Men" fans reaching for the hard stuff, Sommer quickly backpeddled. The actor said that he simply meant that the show's producers were still in negotations about additional seasons and that nothing was official yet.

"I did not intend to start the s**t storm I’ve clearly started, and I did not intend to ruin anyone’s day, fans and coworkers alike," Sommer clarified in his blog. 

A representative for Lionsgate, which produces the show, did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment, but Sommer said that it was a "very safe bet" that the show would return.

Once burned by new social media, Sommer took to tweeting about less controversial things.

"I think I will begin tweeting about other things now. Hey, I sold my s**tty car! So that's good. Had a good time last night. Saw some pals," Sommer tweeted.

Or he could just take a page from "Mad Men" and pick up a secretary, toss back a highball or three, and take the rest of the afternoon off.

Hey it must be five o'clock somewhere.