Hollywood Week Under Way for ‘American Idol’

Seacrest says shooting begins this week in Hollywood competition for new season

How well do the new "American Idol" judges say no? They'll soon find out.

Hollywood Week is underway in the filming for the new season of the top-rated show, which means Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and returning judge Randy Jackson will soon have to pare down the latest mob of hopefuls.

With only one-third of the original panel remaining, the biggest question this season isn't so much who will win, but whether the judges will have enough chemistry to keep the show thriving as they deliberate on who makes it.

"Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, back from his digital death, tweeted this update Monday: "In a meeting with 'Idol' judges now…we shoot Hollywood Week this week so we are going thru the plan now."

Seacrest released footage last week of the new judges judging for the very first time, taken from the early audition rounds. They come off, initially, as very, very earnest: