‘Homeland’ Gets an Alternate Reality Game

A mission from Carrie

"Homeland" fans who can't wait for the show's second season to get their fix of creepy espionage are in luck: Showtime is debuting a new alternate reality game to tide them over.

The game, playable now on ItHitsHome.com, offers fans a storyline that connects the show's first and second seasons. It finds Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) about to undergo her first round of electroconvulsive therapy.

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She gives fans a mission that involves digging through video and audio, documents, and unique interactive events. They will also get to surveil a travel agency, interrogate a prisoner, and gather evidence.

They won't get to get drunk and have sex with Sgt. Brody at a cabin. Maybe next time.

They will, however, get to explore documents on Saul Berenson's computer and read the blog of Brody's daughter, Dana. That's kind of creepy, right? Not as creepy as Carrie monitoring Brody's liasons with his wife last season, but still.

"Homeland" returns Sept. 30.