Howard Stern ‘America’s Got Talent’ Debut: Funny, Charming and Brutally Honest (Video)

The shock jock loved some acts, but, in response to a terrible singer's revelation that his parents had died, Stern asked, "of embarrassment?"

In his debut as a judge on "America's Got Talent" Monday, Howard Stern was nearly everything viewers and critics had hoped he would be: funny, charming, and brutally honest.

Sitting alongside Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, Stern was at his most blunt with a Michael Jackson impersonator. After the faux MJ's terrible performance, the singer mentioned his parents were both dead. "And they died of embarrassment?" Stern asked.

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Later, Stern jumped on stage to dance with a shirtless sax player named Simply Sergio and sang his rejection to another contestant.

And though initially skeptical of contestant William Close, who built and played a series of instruments that spanned the entire stage, Stern eventually told Close, "I bow to you." He said Close's type of talent was the reason he became a judge on the show.

Watch Stern's reaction to Close's performance:

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