Jamie Foxx: Will Smith, Jay Z, Kanye West, Kerry Washington and I Are New Civil Rights Leaders (Video)

The man who played the POTUS in "White House Down" made the most of his three minutes at the mic Wednesday

Jamie Foxx said that he should be among the new generation of civil rights leaders.

The actor-singer made the bold statement during Wednesday's March on Washington's 50th anniversary recognition event, where he was among the lineup of speakers.

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In his somewhat brief stage time — there were three Presidents on the podium after all — Foxx also singled out his contemporaries Will Smith, Jay Z, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington and others to join the fight.

Foxx said the group needs to carry the torch, becoming the new Harry Belafonte, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King Jr.

Your move, Kanye.

Watch the video: