Jay Leno Calls NBC ‘a Big Number Two’ (Video)

"Tonight Show" host dings bosses again

Jay Leno unloaded on NBC again in his latest monologue, calling the network "a big number two."

He offered the euphemism on Wednesday's "Tonight Show" as NBC prepares to replace him with Jimmy Fallon. Leno has used his monologue to take several other recent digs at NBC, mocking its ratings and calling its executives "snakes."

On Wednesday he noted that NBC's "The Voice" and "Revolution" performed well for the network Monday.

"You know what that means? Between Easter and Passover, this is truly the season of miracles. We’re number two!," he said. "And I've been saying that for the last week, that NBC is a big number two."

He also said that T-Mobile plans to do away with contracts, adding, "Apparently they got the idea from NBC."

Watch the monologue: