Jay Leno Offers Kristin Chenoweth $1,000 to Eat Her Own Poop (Video)

C'mon guys … it's for charity

Last Updated: July 16, 2014 @ 3:26 PM

Editor's note: For the record: The "Tonight Show" episode featuring Kristen Chenowith originally aired on 7/30/13. It was an encore presentation that ran 8/22/13. TheWrap regrets the error.

The last time Kristin Chenoweth was on "The Tonight Show," Jay Leno offered to give her charity Maddie's Corner $500 if the actress would eat sea urchin.

Chenoweth did it, despite having a well-known hatred for all things seafood. Recalling her previous appearance Thursday, Chenoweth remembered it tasting "like snot and B.O."

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The Broadway star told Leno that since that night, strangers on the street regularly approach her to say that the late night host cheaped out on her, even though he eventually doubled his promise and donated $1,000. So Chenoweth wants more.

Leno countered by offering something far more disgusting: $1,000 to eat her own poop.

It makes a little more sense in context. But just a little.

Watch the video: