Jimmy Fallon’s Ode to Bieber: ‘(It’s Not My) Baby’ (Video)

Fallon turns into a Bieber lookalike to poke fun at the teen's paternity suit woes

A baseball cap, a few dance moves and some cheeky lyrics are all Jimmy Fallon needed to spoof Justin Bieber's hit "Baby" on last night's "Late Night."

Fallon, doing a very passable impersonation of The Biebs, changed up the words to his "Baby" to turn the signature tune into a spin on the teen pop star's paternity suit drama.

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Sample lyrics: "You said we did it/And I'm a dad/My lawyer's trippin'/'Cuz this looks bad/You only said this/To get my cash/And now Selena Gomez is gonna kick my ass."

Check out Fallon's performance in the clip below, which includes a rap break from The Roots' Black Thought: