J.J. Abrams to Interview Michelle Obama

On Monday, they’ll discuss how the entertainment industry can more realistically portray military families

J.J. Abrams helped Steven Spielberg make it through "Super 8." Michelle Obama helped her husband make it through Super Tuesday. These are two completely un-alike things that mean Abrams and the First Lady have nothing in common — until now.

On Monday at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills, the First Lady will take part in a panel discussion about her Joining Forces initiative. The conversation, which also features "Army Wives" creator Katherine Fugate, will be moderated by Abrams.

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The panel is part of a larger event to publicize, as the media advisory states, " the unique challenges many military families face and showcase the families' strength, resilience and service to our nation."

Abrams' "Lost" crony Damon Lindelof will co-host the event along with Fulgate, WGAW President John Wells, "Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and "Precious" screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher.