Jon Stewart Mocks Assad’s Love of Harry Potter, Chris Brown: At Least He Pays for Downloads (Video)

Jon Stewart mocks Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad's pop culture tastes, including Chris Brown and "Harry Potter" movies

Jon Stewart mocked the pop culture tastes of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad after emails leaked to the British newspaper The Guardian showed him to be something of an iTunes junkie.

"This guy massacres his own people with impunity, but makes sure he purchases his music legally?" an incredulous Stewart asked.

"'I'll taunt NATO and the world community, but even I won't fuck with Apple,'" he imagined Assad thinking.

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Among Assad's music choices: "Party Rock Anthem" group LMFAO, country crooner and "The Voice" judge Blake Shelton and R&B crooner Chris Brown.

"Wow, he downloads Chris Brown … I hope the association with an unapologetically violent brute doesn't hurt Assad's reputation," Stewart quipped, before turning his attention to the Syrian leader's movie choices, which include "Harry Potter" flicks.

"Or, as he probably refers to them, 'The Voldemort Chronicles and His Struggle to Overcome the Boy Who Can't Be Named.'"

Watch the video: