Jon Stewart on Gaddafi: A Weirdo Among Weirdos (Video)

Stewart also provides a "dic tip" for future dictators on the lam: "I would resist hidey-holing"

He kept a photo album full of Condoleezza Rice pics, was a hypochondriac who refused to climb more than 35 steps at a time, and liked to give people watches with his face on them.

In other words, as Jon Stewart pointed out on Thursday night's "Daily Show" coverage of Muammar Gaddafi's death, dude was strange.

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"The thing about Gaddafi … his fucked up weirdness stood out even amongst the fucked up and weird," Stewart said.

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The "Daily Show" host also had a "dic tip" for future dictators, given the deaths of Saddam Hussein and now Gaddafi: "I would resist hidey-holing … because at some point, the angry guys with the guns? They're checking the holes."

Check out the "Daily Show" video for Stewart's references on Road Runner, Fruit Ninja on iPhone and Republicans' politically-motivated response to Gaddafi's death: