Jon Stewart: Newt Gingrich’s Bologna Has a First Name, It’s P-I-O-U-S (Video)

The GOP debates also make the "Daily Show" host wonder: "How is Mitt Romney kicking all of your asses?"

The glut of Republican presidential debates continues to provide Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" with material, as in Monday night's show, when Stewart singled out everything from Newt Gingrich's hypocrisy to Mitt Romney's rich guy problems.

First, Stewart mocked Gingrich's use of the phrase "pious bologna," used when Gingrich was addressing Romney's 1994 election bid. "Wait, your bologna has a first name and it's Pious?" Stewart asked? "'Mom, can I have a Pious bologna and sanctimonious cheese sandwich?'"

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"Newt Gingrich calling someone out for some pious bologna … that'd be like Newt Gingrich waxing poetic on the sanctity of marriage," Stewart continued, before showing a clip of Gingrich — or "Johnny Three Wives," as the "Daily Show" host nicknamed him — doing that very thing.

Frontrunner Mitt Romney also drew a mocking response from Stewart, first for his claims that he hadn't seen Gingrich's political ads and then going into much detail describing them, and then for sharing what he clearly thought would be a relatable bit of advice from his father, that one should "never get involved in politics if you have to run to pay the mortgage."

"What a relatable story," Stewart said. "'Mitt, remember: Only run for office when you're rich.'"

Watch the video below: