Jon Stewart on Rupert Murdoch: Don’t S–t on My Chest and Tell Me It’s Vegemite (Video)

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart pokes holes in "Citizen Shame" Murdoch's phone-hacking scandal defense

Rupert Murdoch still may be trying to sidestep his share of the responsibility in his notorious phone-hacking scandal and allegations that the media mogul curried favors from a string of British prime ministers, but Jon Stewart wasn't buying it on Thursday night's "Daily Show."

What has Murdoch — known as "Yahoo Extremely Serious," according to Stewart — done that's so wrong?

Nothing, except that "several of his newspapers hacked the phones of celebrities, politicians, a 13-year-old murder victim and the relatives of some killed-in-action British soldiers, and allegedly bribed Scotland Yard detectives to help with the cover-up," Stewart recounted.

Murdoch's explanation of who's really to blame for the scandal? "The people that I trusted to run (the company), and then maybe the people they trusted."

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Stewart: "My God! The scandal goes all the way to the bottom!"

Murdoch has also denied using the power of his British press to influence politicians and secure favorable treatment by the British government, calling that suggestion a myth.

Stewart's response, before recounting Murdoch's long history of visits to and by various British prime ministers and the many business maneuverings he was able to pull off throughout those years: "C'mon, Rupert Murdoch! Don't s— on my chest and tell me it's Vegemite!"

Watch the video: