Jon Stewart Terminates Sen. Kyle’s Planned Parenthood Claims (Video)

“Daily Show” anchor exposes politician’s numbers game over abortion

When does life begin for a seriously specious claim about the contentious topic of abortion? Apparently, the moment it leaves Senator Jon Kyl's mouth.

Unfortunately for Kyl, if Jon Stewart is around to hear it, life ends for the claim shortly thereafter.

"Daily Show" anchor Stewart devoted a significant — and hilarious — portion of his Monday night broadcast to the Arizona senator's claim that abortions represent "well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does," while arguing to cut the organization's funding during the government-shutdown debate.

Statistics that aren't compiled by the Department of Senator Jon Kyl's Imagination indicate that pregnancy terminations account for more like 3 percent of the organization's procedures. And Stewart could have pointed out the disparity in a dry, level-headed manner, but of course that's just not his style.

Check out Stewart's retort to Kyl's fuzzy math.

The Daily Show – Countdown to the Next Countdown – Jon Kyl's Planned Parenthood Statistics
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