Jon Stewart’s Primetime Hypocrisy Montage (Video)

Stewart takes on double standards in TV obscenity rules

Why, Jon Stewart wonders, is mild, televised nudity so questionable at 10 p.m. — while references to bizarre and violent sex crimes are fine at 9?

On Thursday's "Daily Show," he took on inconsistencies in the Federal Communications Commission obscenity rules. The Supreme Court recently heard arguments on whether the commission should still be able to decide what can and can't be heard on the nation's airwaves.

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Stewart wondered: Could he casually say an obscene word? What about after hitting his thumb with a hammer?

And why, he wondered, are networks allowed to reference and show graphic violence at 9, but not show realistic portrayals of nudity — from the side — just an hour later? He illustrated his point with a montage that included a stunning barrage of sodomy references on procedural dramas.

Watch the video: