‘Justified’ Season 3 Preview: Raylan and Boyd, Working Together? (Video)

FX's newest preview for the show's third season finds the marshal and his frienemy Boyd side-by-side, guns blazing

Well, what should we make of this?

Though the relationship between "Justified" U.S. marshal Raylan Givens and his old buddy/sometime-enemy Boyd Crowder has been complicated throughout the show's first two seasons, a new preview of season three finds Raylan and Boyd walking down the street, firing their guns … side-by-side.

After last season's tangle with the Bennett clan — R.I.P. Mags — could the fellas be uniting once again to take on a common foe?

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Here's what we know about season three of the Emmy-winning series so far:

– Emmy-nominated guest star Jeremy Davies will return as Dickie, the only surviving member of Mags' immediate family. Dickie starts off the season in jail, and his feelings about Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) have not mellowed.

– "Desperate Housewives" alum Neal McDonough and "24" final season star Mykelti Williamson have joined the cast, and both will be among the season's bad guys. (Perhaps that leads to a Raylan/Boyd teaming?) McDonough plays Quarles, a Detroit mobster who invades the Harlan holler — which can't sit well with new Harlan godfather Boyd (Walton Goggins). Williamson plays Limehouse, a local who also has aspirations of running the town.

– Carla Gugino — who played the titular U.S. marshal in another Elmore Leonard story, the short-lived ABC drama "Karen Sisco" — will guest star as a U.S. marshal program honcho and old friend of Raylan's. Her character's name? Karen.

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The show's third season premieres on FX in January, and while that's good news for "Justified" fans, we can't help but wish last season's "Justified" scene stealers — Emmy winner Margo Martindale as Mags and Kaitlyn Dever as orphaned teen Loretta — had more to do this season.

Martindale's talents are badly underused on CBS' "A Gifted Man," while Dever deserves a far meatier role than playing one of Tim Allen's daughters on the seriously unfunny "Last Man Standing."

Watch the preview: