Kris Humphries Baking Cookies on ‘Good Morning America’ Friday

But, his prenup may prevent him from discussing The Big K and their Big D

Potentially exciting news for celeb watchers: Soon-to-be-Kim Kardashian-ex Kris Humphries will be giving one of his first post-split interviews on Friday's "Good Morning America."

The buzzkill: Because of the prenuptial agreement that bars him from discussing his relationship with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, their pending divorce or his pursuit of an annulment, viewers may be left to watch Humphries spend most of his "GMA" appearance baking cookies.

Yes, baking. Cookies.

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A "Good Morning America" spokesperson confirms to TheWrap that Humphries and his mother, Debra, will bake Christmas treats with a foodie magazine editor during the show.

Of course we'd all rather hear him dish sweet tales of his time with the Kardashians, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.