Louis C.K. Wonders Why There Aren’t More Murders (Video)

He jokes, "How are there not, like, 50 murders a day at Disneyland?"

Louis C.K. appeared on "Conan" Thursday and took the opportunity to express his famously pessimistic worldview.

"The world as it is, it's better than it could be," the star of FX's "Louie" began. "You know, there's war and there's murder, but there's not as much as there could be. Really, there could be so much more."

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Louis C.K. riffed on the crowded public spaces. "When I see a crowd of people at, like, Disneyland or something, I'm like, How are they not killing each other all the time?" he joked. "How are there not, like, 50 murders every day at Disneyland? Just people with knives going, 'Could you just move?'"

The comedian also said he saw a homeless man at a bus stop once and was perplexed why the down-and-out man wasn't murdering people for their money. "You're homeless! Life is kicking you in the balls every day!" he said. "Start murdering and eating well. Why wouldn't you do that?"

The man makes a lot of sense.