‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Predictions: Peggy Gets Knocked Up Again, Don’s Possible Lovers

‘Mad Men’ teased all sorts of plot development in its two-hour premiere Sunday night. Here are our predictions for the season ahead

"Mad Men" resumed Sunday night with a two-hour premiere that quickly answered lingering questions from season four. 

Don and Megan did indeed get married. Joan had her baby and kept it; she's home on maternity leave. Other characters seemingly picked up where they left off: Pete and Roger are still feuding; Bert once again frets about having an office.

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But the beauty of a two-hour premiere for a slow-moving show like “Mad Men” is how much it teased about the season that awaits.

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Based on Sunday night's maneuverings, here are our predictions for season five. Feel free to score us at the end. Just keep in mind, like with baseball, going two for five is exceptional.

Peggy gets pregnant. Again. Did you see her reaction to the prospect of holding a baby? Outright horror. When Joan brought her newborn into the office, ambitious, workaholic Peggy tried to escape holding it at all costs. She claimed her hands were dirty. She searched for other people to do it instead. And when she finally had the baby, she foisted it on Pete.

What better season five twist than to have the ultimate career gal get knocked up again? She's already expressed concern that Don was becoming a family man. She and Don tend to be linked, so now it’s time for Peggy to get a family. Bet on it.

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The secret of Joan and Roger's baby gets uncovered. That baby is a ticking time bomb. Everyone got their first look at him Sunday night and soon enough, that baby will be an office regular. It’s a boy, so if he looks like Roger…watch out. Who might connect the dots? Don’t forget that Pete Campbell is looking to shame Roger in any way he can. Plus, he knows all about getting a co-worker pregnant (Hi Peggy!)

Lane has an interracial affair. Lane has already demonstrated he has a particular attraction to black women, and now race has entered the show in the form of civil rights protests. Sunday’s episode telegraphed how dissatisfied Lane is with his marriage: He stalked someone else’s lover just based on a photo in the guy’s wallet. After flirting with her on the phone, all but asking to come over for sex, he kept the photo. Quite the gentleman.

Lane is going to slip. And here’s guessing he interviews an attractive black woman and can’t help himself.

Don has an affair. Duh. The real question is: with whom? We’ll make two guesses – Betty or Joan. Let’s start with Joan. The two most lusted-after characters have maintained a platonic bond over the course of the show. Sunday, Joan and Don both hinted at physical attraction. Joan commented on how stunning Don must look while he’s embarrassed while Don issued a similar compliment when Joan visited the office. Inconsequential? Maybe. But if Joan remains lonely with her husband far away, who is to say Don won’t swoop in?

As for Betty, that would be the ultimate Don move. He now has a wife who adores him. Yes, Megan demands attention. Yes, she’s jealous. But as bad as Betty? No way. Still, Don loves ruining his personal life and he’s a sucker for beautiful women. Don will have to talk to Betty because of the kids, and she’s fighting with Henry. Can’t you see them getting together for drinks and sleeping together in some uncomfortable place?

Megan dumps Don. Even if those affairs don’t happen, we just know this relationship isn’t built to last. It’s Don Draper after all. Way too many people described him as “happy.” Don is never happy. Plus, we already saw seeds of discord. Sally doesn’t want a new mom. Megan doesn’t want to work in the office, but Don wants her to. Megan is youthful, hip and social. Don is an introverted narcissist. How does this last? It doesn’t. 

Did we miss some? Sure. Don's past is still mostly a secret. Other nubile women await Don's gaze. Pete feels disrespected. That's the beauty of a two-hour premiere.