Mitt Romney Open to ‘SNL’ Appearance — If It’s Funny (Video)

"It would depend on the nature of the skit," Romney tells Diane Sawyer

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney says he may accept Lorne Michaels' invitation to appear on "Saturday Night Live" — if the show meets his comedic standards.

"I hadn't heard that we were asked (to appear on 'SNL') until I read about it over the weekend, so I'll take a look at that. That sounds like a lot of fun, why not?" Romney told Diane Sawyer during an ABC News interview on Monday. "Of course, it would depend on the nature of the skit. I want it to be funny."

Romney, or rather a version of him played by Jason Sudeikis, has already been a frequent presence on "SNL," which has mocked the politician's often stiff demeanor.

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Romney, who was joined by his wife Ann in the ABC News interview, also shared the message he'd like to send to Barack Obama.

"Start packing," Romney laughed. "That's what I'd like to say. Obviously, we have a very different view. The president, I'm sure, wants another four years, but the first years didn't go so well."

Romney was also asked by Sawyer whether he or Obama is funnier.

"I have no idea how funny he is in real life," Romney said. "And people don't know me terribly well … the kinds of pranks we play, what it's like in a home with five boys. Most of our dinner table events were involving humor of one kind or another, most of which can't be repeated on the air."

Watch the interview: