‘Modern Family’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Poised to Smash Viewing DVR Record

Delayed viewership gains a bigger influence as more fans choose to watch what they want, when they want

The impact of time-shifting on TV ratings continues to grow, with "Hawaii Five-0" and "Modern Family" serving as the most dramatic examples.

According to Media Life Magazine, ABC comedy "Modern Family" and CBS' '70s cop-show revamp "Hawaii Five-0" (left) are both in a tight race to do what no other series has done before: Average more than 3 million total viewers per episode via DVR playback.

What's more, CBS' "The Mentalist" and ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" aren't far behind them.

"Hawaii Five-0" is leading the charge to take the full-season DVR flag.

The series, which premiered in September, is currently averaging 3.27 million total viewers on DVR, according to Nielsen.

"Modern Family," meanwhile, has benefited greatly on the DVR front since "American Idol" moved into its Wednesdays at 8 p.m. timeslot earlier this year. The Ed Harris/Sofia Vergara comedy is averaging 3.17 million DVR viewers. (In March, ABC reported that the series gained 3.76 million total DVD viewers for the week of February 14 — the second-highest overall gain for any series this season.)

By comparison, "Hawaii: Five-0" scored 9.1 million total viewers via traditional means for Sunday night's broadcast, while "Family" snared 5.3 million traditional total viewers during last week's episode, though it was a repeat.

Nipping closely at "Five-0" and "Family's" heels are "The Mentalist" — which has been facing off against the reality TV sensation "Jersey Shore" this year — and "Grey's Anatomy," which have been averaging 2.96 million and 2 million DVR viewers, respectively.

DVRs are currently installed in 40 percent of Nielsen households.