‘Nation of Wussies’ Gets First Tuesday Night NFL in 64 Years

Snow delay results in first in modern television history

Our alleged nation of wussies is about to be rewarded for its alleged wussiness with the first Tuesday night NFL game in 64 years.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell called us a "nation of wussies" after the NFL delayed Sunday's scheduled game between his beloved Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings in anticipation of a blizzard. Philadelphia turned out not to be as badly hit as some neighboring areas, but no one could have predicted that before the game.

"It's an absolute joke. I was looking forward to this. It would have been a real experience," the former Philadelphia mayor told the city' Fox 29. "This is what football is all about. We're becoming a nation of wussies."

The game was delayed after current Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter declared a snow emergency. Officials worried that drivers would traverse sloppy, slippery roads on the way to the game.

The delay means NFL fans will be treated to the anomaly of Tuesday night football for the first time in modern television history: NFL officials said the last time an NFL game was played on a Tuesday night was in October 1946, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Our collective so-called wussiness was especially disappointing to NBC, for which "Sunday Night Football" has been on track to be the most-watched broadcast of the year. It was unclear whether the delay would change that. The Tuesday night ratings could simply be counted toward those for the show.