PBS Unveils Sensual New Autotuned Slow Jam (Video)

Bob Ross follows Mr. Rogers by teaching you to "make love to the canvas"

PBS is following up Fred Rogers' autotuned invitation to the explore the "Garden of Your Mind" with a new autotuned reimagining of a PBS icon.

This time, the late Bob Ross gets a little freaky.

"Give it a little touch, give it a little push/make love to the canvas," purrs the Afro'd, bearded "Joy of Painting" host. "Caress it, very gently. … Grab it, lift it, fluff it/You can go on and on and on and on."

Awwwwww yeah. Somewhere, Mr. Rogers is blushing.

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The Ross slow jam, "Happy Little Clouds," is the second in PBS's series of videos that use the magic of autotune to, um, paint its personalities in a fresh and provocative way. (Ross went to the happy little clouds in the sky in 1995.)

Mr. Rogers' mesmerizingly beautiful song debuted last month, and became an instant YouTube hit. PBS won't say which icon will be the next to get the autotune treatment, but come on, it's The Count.

Watch Mr. Rogers' original: