‘Punk’d’ Returning to MTV, With Kutcher Producing (Video)

The network will tease new episodes during its New Year's Eve broadcast

"Punk'd" is returning to MTV in 2012, with Ashton Kutcher again executive producing.

The show, which originally aired from  2003-07, found Kutcher pranking fellow celebrities. It's unclear whether he'll return to host now that he stars on "Two and a Half Men."

His rep did not respond to a request for comment, and MTV declined to comment on who will be "Punk'd" and on whether Kutcher will again host.

AccessHollywood.com reported in August that the "Punk'd" redo will premiere with Justin Bieber pulling a prank on pop star pal Taylor Swift.

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MTV will preview the series during its live New Year's Eve broadcast.

Beyonce, Simon Cowell, Hugh Jackman, Jason Bateman, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Kanye West, Pink, Salma Hayek and Lindsay Lohan were among the celebrities who were "Punk'd" during the series' initial run, though the show's most best trick was on Justin Timberlake.

In the video clip below, Timberlake is reduced to tears when Kutcher and company make him believe his house and his dog are being confiscated by the government because he owes back taxes:

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