Regis Philbin Hopes to Return to TV With Primetime Talent Show

The former daytime talk show host wants to work the night shift with a new family-themed variety show

Regis Philbin was apparently serious about being tired of getting up so early in the morning. He says his next gig will be in primetime.

The former daytime talk show host, who made his final appearance as co-host of "Live With Regis and Kelly" on Nov. 18, is hatching an idea for a show that sounds like a family twist on "America's Got Talent."

"We're contemplating a show that is sort of a talent show, but it involves the whole family," Philbin, the original host of "America's Got Talent," told the New York Post. The show would be "a family competition, which is something new in our business. It's going to be on prime time when it happens."

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Philbin, 80, is currently on a book tour to promote his memoir "How I Got This Way," and also tells the Post he's been approached about reviving the variety show format.

"(An) entertainment type of show would appeal to me," said the Emmy winner, who also hosted the hit primetime version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." "Almost a variety show. In our business you don’t want to say variety because it's frowned upon now, but something with people who are performing."

The TV icon is also still waiting on a payout from Katie Couric. Couric bet him $10 he would cry during his last "Live" show, and though he looked on the verge of tears at a couple of points, he remained dry-eyed.

"Well, she never paid me," Philbin joked. "Put that in Page Six. I'm still looking for a $10 bill somewhere."