Ron Swanson and the Tammys on ‘Parks and Recreation': Why You Should Watch

The only thing that can rankle Ron Swanson more than his two ex-wives (Tammy 1 and Tammy 2)? His mother … also named Tammy

Tammy 1 (guest star Patricia Clarkson) made an unexpected return to Ron Swanson's life on last week's "Parks and Recreation" season premiere, and in tonight's new episode the mustachioed man (Nick Offerman) is going to find himself knee-deep in a trio of Tammys.

Tammy 1, the first ex-Mrs. Swanson, terrifies the usually unflappable Ron not only with her ex-spouse status, but also with her job title, IRS auditor. It's the reason she arrived at his Parks Department desk last week.

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And, given how much we know Ron hates government in general, the fine tooth combing of receipt management he's about to experience is going to be nothing short of brutal.

Added to the mix: the return of Tammy 2 (guest star, and Offerman's real-life wife, Megan Mullally). She also knows how to push his buttons — in a sexual way — but she's terrified of Tammy 1, which should only add to Ron's trauma.

Fortunately, there's one woman always willing to ride to Ron's rescue. Well, besides Leslie Knope. That would be Mama Swanson ("Saturday Night Live" writer Paula Pell), a.k.a. Tammy 0, who shows up to save her baby boy and provide insight into how Ron became so … Ron.