Ryan Murphy’s ‘The New Normal': Watch the Full First Episode Here (Video)

Upcoming comedy "The New Normal," about a gay couple trying to adopt, has already drawn criticism from One Million Moms

If you're a member of One Million Moms, you might want to close your eyes and cover your ears for the next 25 minutes.

NBC has posted the first episode of Ryan Murphy's upcoming comedy "The New Normal" online to give people an idea of what's to come — or maybe just to reassure the faint of heart that it's not quite as scandalous as they might have heard.

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The series, which stars Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha, doesn't premiere until Sept. 11, but it's already generated its share of controversy. The show, which features a gay couple trying to adopt a baby, has drawn criticism from conservative group One Million Moms, and Salt Lake City NBC affiliate KLS-TV, which is owned by the Mormon Church, has opted not to run the show.

Their loss, or will they not be missing anything? Judge for yourself by watching the maiden episode below.